March 29, 2023

Find the perfect frame for your face

Find the perfect frame for your face

Like a classic plain tee, sunglasses never go out of style. It is a wardrobe staple, used to dress up and instantly adds sophistication, elegance and chic to any look. Unlike other accessories, sunglasses are not seasonally bound and considering that they shield and protect our eyes, they are a simple yet essential item to own.

Throughout its history, we've seen modern sunglasses evolve, and since its initial 20th-century invention, we now have many looks from which to choose. When buying sunglasses, you must consider your face shape as this will assist you in finding a properly fitting, thus functional pair of sunnies.

Let's compare the following face shapes to help you find the perfect frame to fit your features.


Round-shaped faces have noticeable curves and less defined angles, and they are best paired with sunglasses that will elongate the face, making it look thinner and sharper. Look for rectangle or square-shaped glasses that emphasise angular lines and find that in ZAHRA, DALTON, NOMAD and FORRESTERS.


Square-shaped faces have broader foreheads and strong jawlines and are equal in length and width across the face. They are best paired with sunglasses that soften the face's sharpness to balance the look. Keep an eye out for round or oval-shaped glasses such as BELLA, WINEGLASS BAY, FRASER, SORRENTO, DRIFTER, WANDERER and LENNOX.


Oval-shaped faces have got it going because all frames look fabulous. They have rounded and somewhat even features that big glasses should not block. Take your best pick from LILA GRACE, OLIVE OPAL TORT and BILLY OPAL TORT.


Rectangular-shaped faces have a long and narrow look with fewer and softer angles. Pair them with oversized sunglasses, thick frames and vintage styles for a sharper edge. Try SCARLETT, MILLA, SAVANNAH and RIVIERA.


Diamond-shaped faces have narrow jawlines and foreheads with wide cheekbones. They are complimented with round, rimless or semi-rimless frames or gentle curves. Look for LENNOX, OLIVE OPAL TORT and BANJO.


Heart-shaped or triangle faces are broad at the temples and narrow at the chin and are best matched with sunglasses that feature a cat-eye look or round edges. Take your pick from SAVANNAH, SORRENTO and TAINE.

You can further distinguish your face shape by categorising it as larger or smaller. Small faces offer choosing from a wide variety of our best-looking frames, including LILA GRACE, TAINE, WINEGLASS BAY, SORRENTO, FRASER, SAVANNAH and DRIFTER. Larger looks are smashing in BELLA, MILLA, RIVIERA, ZAHRA and SCARLETT

Invest in a pair (or three!) of finely fitting sunglasses and amplify your look this season and the next because, in the words of Karl Lagerfeld, "Sunglasses are like eye shadow – they make EVERYTHING look younger and prettier.