January 26, 2023

Keep an eye on your 2023 fashion forecast.

Keep an eye on your 2023 fashion forecast.

When it comes to forecasted trends, sunglasses always make the cut, but unlike other accessories such as bags or scarves, they certainly aren't one size fits all and is the most personal. On the fashion front, eyewear is a game changer because no matter what you wear, your specs will round off any look, and better yet, they are not seasonally bound.

Here are the six biggest sunglass trends that we can expect for 2023.

Tinted lenses and retro-looking frames.

The '70s are making a comeback, and we couldn't be happier. Check out our collection and spot the retro cool WINEGLASS BAY, our clear sunny with blue polarised lenses, alongside LENNOX with a classic black lens and the eye-catching DRIFTER and BILLY OPAL TORT, both standouts with brown lenses.

Big punch.

Bigger will continue to be better. Whether you want to make a statement or simply nursing a hangover, oversized sunglasses will pack a punch. Look out for BELLA, SCARLET and RIVIERA, which boast gradient or graduated lenses with playful and pretty looks.

Eco-friendly is now.

Sunglasses that are eco-conscious and sustainable, with frames made out of 100% sustainable timber or recycled wood, cork and bamboo, are growing in popularity, and we are smiling all the way. SOEK® sunglasses are handcrafted using environmentally friendly processes from durable bamboo and hardwoods such as maple, ebony and walnut. All natural materials are renewable and free from harmful or toxic elements.

Colourful companions.

Colourful shades are taking centre stage in 2023, and with this trend, anything goes. Looking for a hot look? Go for LILA GRACE in BURNT ORANGE. Do you prefer subtle shades? Try SAVANNAH BLUSH PINK or ZAHRA NUDE. Or, keep it classic with MILLA in KHAKI or CARAMEL.

Tortoiseshell trends.

Tortoiseshell sunglasses are set to make the rounds again this season, adding chic textures and vintage touches to any outfit. Find your ever-classic yet versatile beauty in our BELLA IVORY, LILA GRACE IVORY, ZAHRA OPAL TORT and RIVIERA in BLACK or IVORY.



Making the rounds.

Round sunglasses combine a chic and playful look and are great for a fancy lunch date. Find your friend in FRASER, SORRENTO, WANDERER, and OLIVE OPAL TORT that features striking detailing.


It's a matter of preference when looking for the best pair of sunglasses, and your picks should suit your taste and personality. We cannot guarantee what will remain in fashion, but we can promise that whatever the trends, SOEK® sunglasses will always be in style.