September 27, 2022

Sunglasses, not only a fashion statement, but a necessity.

Sunglasses, not only a fashion statement, but a necessity.

Most of us have a favourite pair of sunnies that we love because of its look. Maybe it’s the colour or the frame or the shape. The lenses can also be a determining factor when choosing your favourite pair of sunglasses, especially if they are coloured, they add a huge cool-dude factor to your look. Sunglasses come in various shapes, sizes and price ranges. They are made for young and old and there is a perfect pair for every person in the world.

For fashionable ladies, the sunnies must match the outfit or it must be the focal point of her look. Think Jackie Onassis with her classic oversized sunglasses was an iconic look. Marilyn Monroe was crazy about her cat eye frames. Men are not far behind when rocking their sunglasses. Remember Tom Cruise in Top Gun with his aviators? Or the Men in Black with their dark sunglasses wherever they went. I also never understood why the Oakley lovers wear their glasses mostly on their head instead of on their eyes.

Despite the fact that they are a fashion statement and can make or break your look, they are very necessary to protect your eyes. The correct shape, frame and lenses are crucial to be most effective in preventing damage or injury to your eyes or the skin around the eyes. One of my favourite protective advantages of wearing sunglasses is that the less the skin around my eyes are exposed to sun, the less wrinkles will be appearing 😊.

Some of the most important protective features of good sunglasses are that they protect your eyes from damaging UV light, prevent small particles like dust or snow to enter your eyes, keep cold or warm wind away that can dry out your eyes and they are a must for fishermen for glare protection.

Our collection of SOEK® Sunglasses are specifically designed to achieve that perfect balance between style and comfort with Premium UV400 (100% UVA/UVB) polarised lenses for superior clarity, colour and protection. We have a shape, colour and style for every fashionista, outdoor enthusiast, the sporty peeps and even the kiddies. Be good to your eyes and your style with a pair of SOEK® Sunglasses.