May 25, 2023

Why we should wear sunglasses during winter

Why we should wear sunglasses during winter


Many people consider sunglasses a summer essential and mainly associate wearing them with hot sunny days or at sea. The truth is that protective sunglasses should be worn all year round and especially during winter. Here's why.

UV rays never stay away.

Irrespective of the season, the sun continues to beam ultraviolet (UV) rays or light and increased exposure subsequently cause eye sunburn. Symptoms usually become evident within eight to 24 hours and could result in severe eye conditions like photokeratitis, cataracts, pinguecula, pterygia, and macular degeneration.

Drive safe.

Have you ever noticed dull headaches and tired eyes, especially when driving home from work during winter? The sun sits lower earlier, causing us to squint for prolonged periods, particularly when stuck in traffic. Squinting can hamper your view of other vehicles, traffic signals, road conditions and pedestrians and cause eye strain, making you less alert behind the wheel.

Shield off the wind.

Cold and windy weather causes eyes to feel dry and irritated. When wearing sunglasses, you put a barrier between your eyes and the wintery onslaught, allowing them to remain comfortable by retaining their natural moisture.

Hot fashion.

Think about this: What does temperature have to do with wearing sunglasses? The answer is nothing. And that is why sunglasses isn't just a summer trend but a year-round fashion staple. So, protect your eyes and own your look by sporting your best sunglasses this winter and beyond.

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